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At Canyon Counseling Center, we provide professional and personalized counseling services. We seek growth and progression with each patient by applying psychological principles that are grounded in spiritual values. Our common belief is that God helps people in their healing. We work hard to create an environment that is safe and supportive - where a strong healthy relationship between the therapist and the patient can promote healing, peace and positive change.

The initial visit begins with a discussion about your rights to confidentiality, a brief review of the patient/therapist relationship, the patient’s historical background, and a discussion of their expectations and objectives in therapy. This first session is also an assessment of a “good fit” between the patient and the therapist, both in professional and personal compatibility. Thereafter, therapy is responsive to the individual’s needs and is a living process. Success is individualized and is manifest in many ways. It can mean that the patient has resolved a specific problem or in a broader sense, success can be that he or she is able to find an internal sense of peace and able to confront issues from a stable foundation.

Canyon Counseling Center strongly believes in the highest professional standards. Each therapist has received training from reputable and well-known universities and has many years of specialized experience. Qualitatively, our therapists are compassionate, ethical, and chosen in part because of their theistic, person-centered approach.

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Forms & Policies

Forms for first time clients

If you are a first time client, please consider printing out the following form and bringing the completed copy with you to your initial visit.

Canyon Counseling First-time form

About Therapy

There is a real possibility that you may feel worse at-times in therapy than when you started. This is because you may have to address some uncomfortable and painful issues. This is normal and should be anticipated. The length of therapy is determined by you. The amount of work that you are willing to do determines the speed and direction of your therapy. Your therapist will make recommendations for continued service, but feel free to give your input as-well.

Limits to Confidentiality

Although confidence is very strict in therapy, there are some occasions when confidentiality must be broken:

  • If there is ongoing child abuse. This includes physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse.
  • If you are or become suicidal, or you pose a threat to the safety of another. We are required to protect you, notify the authorities, and warn whomever may be in-danger.
  • If you are ever in a court of law and use your mental status as a factor in your case. Your notes may be subpoenaed by the court and we are required to provide all requested information.
  • Without going into extreme details, third-party providers are entitled to know diagnoses, treatment, and/or prognoses.


Sessions are 45-55 minutes in length, beginning 10-15 minutes after the hour. The therapists at Canyon Counseling Center try to see their clients promptly at the appointment time scheduled. They request that you also be responsible for keeping appointments on time. If you are late, your sessions will be shortened. Please do not bring young children to therapy. In case of appointments not kept or canceled with less than 24 hours notices, you will be charged in-full for that session. Insurance and other third-party providers do not cover missed session charges. (Emergency exceptions made).

Insurance Billing

We only bill for the following insurances: DMBA, EMI, Blue Cross. If your insurance is not listed, we will gladly provide you with all documentation to allow you to be reimbursed by your insurance if you have a mental health benefit.

Court Appearances

Due to our heavy clinical schedules, and as a matter of policy, we do not testify in civil or criminal court proceedings. We will, however, supply the court and/or attorneys with a written summary of therapy if the client should so-desire. A signed release of information is required for each summary to be supplied.

Phone Calls

Therapists will try to return phone calls as quickly as possible. Because the therapists have limited time between sessions, please be aware that calls may be returned at the end of the day or the following day. Issues that require more than 10 minutes on the phone may require a scheduled office visit.


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For all inquiries or to schedule an appointment

Please contact us at (801) 356-0014

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